Able to change PPQ?


Hi, all. Are we able to change PPQ on the flxs1? I’m trying to sync with Gatestorm and having no luck.
If we can’t change PPQ, what is it set to? I’ve seen somewhere it’s 4-32 PPQ. If we can set it between there somewhere, I’d love to know where. Thank you!


Have you tried messing with the clock division setting? Can be configured per track.


Ya, totally. I get that, but I want to make a global change to the module to talk nicely to another gate device/sequencer, not divide a channel to be a different speed. thanks for thinking it through with me, though–I do appreciate it.


FLXS-1 is 4ppq only at the moment. Here’s a wish for more options too :slight_smile:


Oh, man. That really stinks. Tenkai, is there any hope of a way to adjust this in the future?


you want to control PPQ in or out?


In this use I’d love it to do OUT, but I guess in could be really useful too.
But yes, out please!


Def possible to do, but does not do it now. You could also use a cv2 output with a square wave LFO and a length that spans the whole sequence.

Will add to feature requests


I’m just trying to take the clock out of FLXS to another sequencer (Gatestorm in this example) for sync. I’ve spent too many hours trying to tweak gatestorm and emails and a long phone call with Rick from Erogenous Tones (who said he reached out to you) trying to make this work. Even something simple like Pams Workout has the ability to set many PPQ settings (per output!) to play nicely with other sequencers. As powerful as FLXS is, with such a rock solid transport, I want to make it the master clock. Thanks for adding it to the request list.