Advance Step on External Gate/Trigger?


Is it possible to setup a channel such that it only advances to the next step when gt1/gt2/gt3/gt4 receives a trigger or gate?


Press the tempo button on the right and set the clock source with the encoder?


That will reset or advance the clock for all 4 channels.

Not sure but I think he wants a reset per channel.
I believe someone mentioned this on the feature request thread.


Yeah, the thing I was trying to accomplish was not to sync FLXS with an external clock, it was to use external gates to advance the sequence on that channel only. Specifically, I was using Marbles with FLXS1 and trying to figure out if I could use the 2 random gates coming out of Marbles on gt1 and gt2, and the step would only advance when the gate on Marbles goes high.

It’s of course possible to take just cv1a and patch that to a VCA then let Marbles randomly open and close that VCA, but then weird things can happen with the pitch changing mid hit, depending on the gate length.

Sounds like this isn’t supported and on the feature request list, so that’s probably my answer.


You could patch the two outputs of Marbles into an AND logic and then into the gt1 input for the same result couldn’t you?