An update from Tenkai


Also, if folks are interested in participating, I would love help with:

  • Programming
  • Social Media / Forum Support

Let me know if you are interested!


Thanks for the update! Glad your alive. I’m not too github savvy but Is the idea that people will share on this forum alternative firmware? (Chords mode, wink, wink, anyone?:wink:)


That would totally be possible. I’m open sourcing it because I would like to give back to the community what it gave to me. FLXS1 would have never been possible without the mutable instruments open source projects. I’m releasing it with the same license.


Exciting news! Thanks for making this happen.
Really looking forward to learning more.


Thanks for the update, great news all round. Really left supporters hanging for some time, but I get how these things go. Excited to see what the community comes up with, wish I had some skills to contribute :confused:


I may be able to help with some social media support. I run the colorado modular synth society so I am updating the socials all the time haha. DM if you have something in mind or just need to talk it out. cheers.


It would be great to see finished firmware 19a. Thanks


Tenkai, congratulations on the new position!!! Sounds like a good job, and awesome the FLXS1 could help develop some of your skills!!!

Being a complete noob at programming, where could I start to learn more about programming the FLXS1 please? I’ve played with arduino boards before if that helps!




Hi Chris!

Thanks for your well wishes and your interest :slight_smile:

The first step would probably be to familiarize yourself with the Teensy platform. FLXS1 is based on the Teensy 3.2

Second, I would check out PlatformIO, and download Microsoft Vscode, and install the platformio extension. This is the toolchain I use. Its a really nice programming environment. With this, you can clone the repo, and build and upload the code.

We need to get some kind of FAQ going so folks can make sense of whats going on.


Awesome, thank you for that. I will take a look. It all sounds very interesting how it all goes together!


Well it seems a bunch of discussion was deleted off of here. Kinda shady since it was talk about how the flxs1 should be finished. And he agreed.

Especially when I pointed out how he should finish the front panel shortcuts, recording real time and with a midi keyboard.

Also how it fair that he finishes the for sure feature from Kickstarter.
Not possible one or future because that wasn’t promised on KS.

Let’s see if this stay up???


I’ve deleted nothing from this thread


Well I searched every thread and I can’t seem to find the discussion after your post about opening the flxs1 for open source. I remember saying something to the effect of “how you should at least finish the front panel and the promised KS features. And how it would be hard to have Faith buying any other products from zetaohm if you can’t finish the first one.”

You agreed and said you and your wife were setting up a work station in your apartment to do such things.

I can’t find that anywhere on here…unless we had that discussion somewhere else. Maybe Facebook? I couldn’t find it there either. I was looking to reference for someone else.

If I find it I’ll report back sorry if I was wrong


Its disappointing the FLXS1 did not get finished. Hopefully some clever programmers out there can help us out. Makes you think twice about what you buy into.


If its any consolation, I was working on FLXS1 code this weekend.


Really, looking forward to that feature. Tenkai, thanks in advance for any updates on the update!


This makes me super happy Ten Kai!

Also maybe you should contact “fishdog” on muffwigglers. Looks like he has been waiting for it to open up to open source. Maybe you two could work together…idk. Excited to see some updates soon.

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Hi everbody, I hope you all stay well. I’m shure that most users will pay for any effort to develop a consolidated new sw-version of this already brilliant sequencer. also I suggest to continue the hardware production with a reliable cooperation partner. all the best


Hey Tenkai! Hope you’re well during these crazy times. Silver lining will be spending more time with the modules. Any updates for us on the latest FW? Just looking for some good news where ever I can find it. :slight_smile:


V 20b1.

Its got a screensaver, and I fixed arpeggio modulation input. Its hella fun :smiley:

These are crazy times indeed. The world is rapidly re-configuring itself. Stay safe. Make music. If you need a feature in FLXS1 yesterday, cause you have a music thing you absolutely need to make. tell me plz.