An update from Tenkai


Hey Tenkai! Hope you’re well during these crazy times. Silver lining will be spending more time with the modules. Any updates for us on the latest FW? Just looking for some good news where ever I can find it. :slight_smile:


V 20b1.

Its got a screensaver, and I fixed arpeggio modulation input. Its hella fun :smiley:

These are crazy times indeed. The world is rapidly re-configuring itself. Stay safe. Make music. If you need a feature in FLXS1 yesterday, cause you have a music thing you absolutely need to make. tell me plz.


Very happy Tenkai to see you are active on this again. And I hope you are keeping safe and well.

Would love to see greater midi implementation steps.

  • play midi seq & receive/record Midi/CV -> send multi-channel midi out, configured to ch/note/cc/NPRN etc

The FLXS1 still occupies a unique, uncontended space in eurorack and in these strange times it would be wonderful to see it coming to further fruition.


Thank you for your suggestion! I do think MIDI improvements are up next on the chopping block. I would like to get some kind of midi record feature in there, since theres a freakin button for it. ;D


yoooo stoked on this new firmware and even more stoked on midi about to get finished! that being said. is there a way to get back to actual notes rather then numbers? This is kind of confusing for me lol
Thanks looking to hear back


hey Tenkai-Tanky! glad you’re doing well. hope you and yours are staying safe. BAY YAREA LOCKDOWN 2020 BEBEEEEEEE.

oop. does that mean all note/scale display options are disabled? or just in the arps settings?

lol. PLEASE don’t take away notes/scales. my favorite part of the FLXS. i’m with Portals Of Wicker Basket Mans. need me some theory help.

shiiiiiiiiit. i use the Squarp Pyramid for the main control sequencing of my setup, and i still record CV out from FLXS into Squarpymid for melodic stuff. it’s just such a quick and fun way to program. bop it into Squarpers, use her to send that on to a bunch of different things.


Thanks for the firmware update Tenkai! Don’t know if its just me, but I can’t get the new hex file to work in TeensyLoader. Getting the error message “(too large!)”


also the random doesn’t seem to want to want to work


Ahhh, I am going to put the note names back. I removed them when I was doing microtonal scales, but I forgot to add them back in.

If you are having problems with Teensy Loader:

  • try downloading the application again.
  • try using a different USB cable.
  • try downloading the firmware file again

These three things have caused this error in the past.

which random are you talking about?

thank you :smiley: I am making new music again, and it seems to be that me making music seems to correlate with me adding features… just trying to ride this wave…


nice looking forward to it! lovely screen saver as well. um like the random pattern generator where you hold the track you want to random and push random. it randomizes the pattern like it should but doesn’t randomize the cv



I have just discovered this sequencer and it looks like everything I have been after. I’m trying to catch up on the ups and downs over the years with it but am I right in saying the module is still being manufactured and supported?

Also are there any suppliers in the UK?

I am going to continue to research it but great job!




This would be awesome i have been waiting for midi improvements. Also like a real time record would be cool too.


Any idea when this next update will be ready? I want to take my modular to the next level and improvise every thing and it’s hard to do when it randomly freezes. its not an issue if I use presets but some times when im programing notes it freezes. “using 19a”


Tenkai—just a quick note to say thank you. FLXS1 is still the heart of my system and a constant source of inspiration. You mentioned that you’re making music lately, and you suspect that’s what’s inspiring you to keep innovating for FLXS1. I’m so excited for you (and us!) and just want to challenge you to keep the juices flowing. Especially these days, we appreciate it more than ever.


Hey @tenkai, loving the 20b update. Any chance of getting the midi note value back? Thanks for all your work!


just found out how to fix that: you simply need to connect your flxs1 via usb to your computer, then click on “auto” and it should work!


Wow! So things are moving again - nice!
Is more than one song possible?