Best version to be running?


Hey all,

What version does everyone recommend to be running? I’ve just jumped from 18a > 20b5 the other day, haven’t really had much of a play with it though.



Hey I wanna know too - but I have a “kickstarter” version. Anybody know what the last good firmware for those units would be and where to grab it? Or are the newer firmwares good for all units? Also all the dropbox links seem to be dead…


20b5 is the newest i think and its been solid for me so far!


Yea, I have a kick starter unit too! I`m running 20b5. The only issue I have come across so far, is the quantization scales. It’s not displaying them properly, but I think that was an issue in a couple of 20b versions too?


If you still have these issues with 20b5, erasing your whole device might help.

Shut down, and boot it up with play, pause and record held down.

For everyone out there! I’m still here!

Thinking about FLXS1 again… Thanks for stickin around :slight_smile:


I’m glad your doin updates for the fxs1! :slight_smile: happy holidays


I’m still here! If you are tackling some simple things now that you have the dev up and running. The screen saver engages too short of time. Either. A user adjusted option would be awesome or a longer time would be better.

Glad to hear you are still here


Yeah I’m still having the scale bug I will try this


Ok, I`ll give that a go this week! Thanks Tenkai.


Good to see you back at it Tenkai. Love to see a little roadmap that you think might be doable. 2021 is my year back in the rack and FLXS1 right at the heart of it.

I see there is a 20b6 now on github…