Change Pattern on Ch Reset question


soooooooo… i love this thing so much, but get so frustrated at some THINGS that just work… weird.

when i’m changing Patterns, if i switch from Instant to Channel 01 Reset and add a gate for when i want it to switch it changes Patterns on time, but then plays through the entire Pattern with no CV or gate going out.

so if i have Melody 01 on Pattern 01 and Melody 02 on Pattern 02, both are 16 steps, same clock division, it will continually loop Pattern 01, then if i add a gate on the next first beat, select Pattern 02 Channel 01 Reset it will be silent for 16 steps, then play the melody.

i know there’s no support for this now, but anybody have an idea what i’m doing wrong?



could you possibly make a short video to show me what is going on? Also which firmware are you running? (it shows you when you boot up FLXS1)


lol. jebus. i’m an idiot.

i love the FLXS, have been annoyed at the patterns switching FOREVER because… i misread how it works.

i thought the Channel Reset option on pattern switch meant next time that Channel RECEIVED A RESET GATE it would switch. what i wanted is that when a Channel played the last step in it’s pattern, then it would switch. which… is what… it does.

so. ignore me. pure ignorance on my part.

my bad!


All good dude. Glad you are having fun with FLXS1 :smiley: