Contributing back to FLSX1 testing/development/documentation?


New-ish FLXS1 user here (about a month or so). Been running 19a since I got it and am pretty excited for this amazing sequencer.

That said, I get hangs and/or UI slugishness about once a session (probably when doing multiselects) and wanted to start contributing back a bit more formally. Before I just started filming my sessions for bug reports I figured I’d ask about what is really needed/wanted.

What’s the preferred way for the community to help out? I’m down for whatever (testing/validation, documentation, code, etc). Is there a repo for “nightlies” or anything like that? hasn’t been touched in a while and I’m curious if I’m even looking in the right spot.


“Nightlies”? Before you spend time and effort documenting anything, I think I’d confirm if Tenkai is still interested. The last firmware update was 7 months ago. Tenkai mentioned he’d have time for firmware development after Superbooth, but there haven’t been any updates since then.


That was part of what I was hoping to hear more about. I’m assuming he’s focused more on the new filter module, but my biggest fear is that flxs development falls off completely and features go unfinished. I get that he’s had some real life demands and I hope things are going well.

I’m not here to ask that he opens up the source, but I’m sure there’s some of us who are willing to help out and just don’t know how/where.

Is he actively posting anywhere? It would be good to here from him :+1:


Tenkai set up this board to communicate with FLXS1 users, but he doesn’t have much of a presence here–or any other forum/platform I’ve seen. No idea what he’s working on, but it isn’t the FLXS1 firmware. I’m done with kickstarter and one person modular companies unless they have a strong track record.


Hey there! Thanks for your interest! I would love to have some folks helping out with FLXS1 dev. I just open sourced the code. Its not super pretty, but it is semi-well organized. I’d redo it all if i had the chance :smiley: take a look at let me know what your questions are!