"cue" or "hold" mode?


Hey! I’ve been dueling the flxs1 and my er101 in a full fledged gauntlet of sequencing power for my live sets, one thing i’ve been toying with is the hold feature on the er101, and working on a paralell for the flxs1, i’m wondering if this my be possible in the future or if paralell editing sequences then selecting them to play after editing will be a feature? This could be rad because it might mean i wont need to buy a 2nd flxs1 :wink: Unless if i’m totally missing some technique or something which is entirely possible in my case!


Can you please describe this feature? I am not familiar with it.


So you have a toggle switch which has 3 positions, a more standard view where you edit parameters, a follow mode that follows the notes as they advance and a hold mode which activates a commit button, so you make all your edits whilst the sequences are playing in the background and you can commit the sequence to play immediately or on the next sequence cycle, which is pretty slick!

Same could be cool to have something like a meta sequencer where thru cv or trigger from gate so you can select next sequence or manually through the sequence select screen or on its own clock divisions or something