Different pattern lenghts?


Hi all , today my fluxus froze several times. The lenght of all channels was from step 1 - step 60 , then i tried to change it on only one channel to step 30 - 60 . Anytime i tried this, fluxus totally froze and i had to make a restart. I tried the same thing several times and it happened again and again.
Does anyone experienced the same or a similar problem ?
For the rest i am still very happy with it :smile:


This could be a bug. I have experienced problems when setting data above step 60. I have not been able to narrow this bug down.

two troubleshooting steps you could do would be to erase your FLXS1, which is done by powering it on with the play, pause and rec buttons pressed down. it will freeze for about 1 minute while it formats its internal memory.

This will fix it if there is a corruption in your save data, but it wont fix it if you are hitting a bug…


Thanks so much for your reply ! It was my mistake actually . I got confused with first step and step count , wich I saw as last step … so if my first step is 30 and step count 60 it makes 90 and of course the system breaks down :crazy_face: Sorry ! This sequencer is really awesome !