Encoder behavior and Tempo settings not recalled


Good afternoon,

I’ve noticed that the Encoder behavior (Toggle / Click) and Tempo settings aren’t reliably recalled when I power up the system. I’ve loaded a Pattern that had the Encoder set to Toggle and Tempo set to Ext Clock (GT1) with Reset of GT2.

I just went into the menu to change the Tempo setting to GT1 and it is showing Reset for GT2, so maybe that did recall but the others did not?


erp, you are right. loading a pattern resets the reset setting. thats a bug


Ok, so the reset input is saved with each sequence, but the external input is saved as a global setting. So if you change the external clock, it should be the same when you shut it off and start it back up again. If you change the reset input, it is saved with the sequence, so if you shut off your modular, and turn it back on, it should be set back to no input. If you load a saved sequence, it should load the saved reset input.

I just got my dev environment set up again, and I cleaned up some things and re-compiled. If you want to try the latest known good binary, check this one out. It should be at 20b5, and there are some other minor invisible things I have cleaned up.


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