Feature requests for the flxs1


Small feature request: Show the bpm somewhere (on the tempo page?) when clock is set to EXT CLK.


Yes this would be nice


I have a request

I’d like to copy an entire set of steps and append them to an existing set of steps.

Append steps

Say i have 16 steps on channel 1. I want to be able to duplicate those step from 1 - 16 onto steps 9 - 32. Then i can easily further manipulate the steps to vary it or what ever.
I’d also like the ability to copy steps from other channels an append them to existing steps on other channels. Take steps from 1-16 from channel 2 and append them to channel 1’s 16 steps making that sequence 32 steps.

Shift steps
If i have a 16 step sequence I’d like to shift steps by rows so as to rearrange a sequence quickly. I’d like to hit a button combo (maybe shift arrow up or down) that move the last row to the top and the top row down one row. So
Row 1 = steps 1-4
Row 2 = steps 5-8
Row 3 = steps 9-12
Row 4 = steps 13-16

Press button combo and row 4 becomes row 1, row 1 becomes row 2, row 2 becomes row 3 etc etc.
This would be really helpful when a sequenced is framed incorrectly where say bars 3 & 4 play as bars 1 & 2. It would be a quick way to reframe the sequence and redefine the sequence start point. Plus its a quick and easy way to rearrange a melodie or beat.


Small request not mentioned…

Just would like to change the splash screen and add a screen saver.


yesssssssss. i LOVE sequencers that let one shift a pattern step wise, effectively moving the start point, but in a way more visually easy way to interact with. so useful.

and being able to copy a page of steps and paste them throughout to do slight variations on the melody would be ACE.

my suggestion, unless i’m missing something, is being able to set each Channel to a different gate input. the update that saved the Gate and Reset was GOOD, but it would be super delicious to have the option of choosing whether individual channels are driven by a steady pulse or a manipulated pulse, not a global effect.


Yeah the shifting of notes visually is exactly what I was saying in the first post. It’s reqlly ice to be able to do this visually and it really helps with coming up with new sequences.

Also the idea of having each channel have its own gate reset and possibly to be clocked separately is a great idea. Might be a challenge to implement right away but a great request


yeah. i mean. it’s been foreverrrrrr since i programmed, so i don’t have any idea about the complexities involved, but it already shows per Channel Reset options, so having the Input option there mebbe cycle through gates and a Global Option?


If you want to copy 16 steps, I have already implemented page copy and paste in the latest firmware update. So you can hold i think its pgdn+copy / paste to copy 16 steps at a time.
I would like to do a 4 or 8 step copy as well, thats a good idea…

My thought about a shift step feature, would be by step, rather than by row, so you could translate the whole sequence one step at a time, up or down. Also a good idea i have thought of but have not had a chance to implement yet…

Yep, another thing I want to do.

this thing is complicated, man… not impossible to manage, but I want to re-write the whole engine at this point… :smiley:


When being clocked externally, there is no way to assume that the clock is going to be a normal interval. External clocks can be any rhythm, so BPM calculation is kind of not always going to be super accurate.


Yes, you can do it in software, you also can patch it as a CV input with FLXS1 currently, but I’d love an option.

Its really a matter of UI. figuring out how to make it not way more complex in the settings department…

I am thinking of tightening up the internal modulation for arpeggios, and also implementing some kind of basic arpeggio speed envelopes… I am considering removing the numerator from the arpeggio speed setting, since i think most folks just use the denominator. I can give slower arpeggios in a another way, using a single variable.


i wasnt able to do this with the cv input. it seemed that the flxs1 looks at what the cv input level was at the time the step with the arpeggio fires and uses that level to determine the arp speed for the duration of the arp, not a real time speed change so bouncing ball wasnt possible? maybe i messed something or i was using the wrong range of voltages?


(FR request from a friend who didn’t feel comfy posting) I’d love a mode where CVb is not tied to gates of the sequencer. I kinda wish when in CVb adding triggers/modulations would not effect whether or not a Gate comes out on that step of that channel.
SHIFT+channel should also take us right to that CVb mode as the front panel ink suggests it.


Yeah this was the second on my feature request list as well. Well third after the midi recording and transpose. But yeah I’d like to use the modulation side of the sequencer separate from the gate/pitch side. Just so adding gates doesn’t add modulation and vice versa.

Also as stated before all the front panel functions and shortcuts would be nice to have, but I know that is coming soon


I’d like to modulate the “time division” of a channel to be able to change the division in order to create varied rhythmic grooves and sequences. Is there a way to assign an lfo to a channels time division? If not I am requesting it.

I’d like gate delays as well. I’m finding that sometimes gate reaches my sampler module before the cv. I would love to be able to delay the gate within fluxus1 instead of having to do it outside of the module. Would help a great deal in programming specific type feel and groove into melodies and beats.

Is there a way to assign an lfo to an entire page or channel (besides per step)? If not, I am requesting it here.


oh dear, i just realized i shouldve just posted here. forgive me, i’m new to forum stuffs. I’m dying to have some sort of pre-edit on the fly feature. i’ve been using an er101 in conjunction to my flxs1 and the hold feature is sooo useful!


I’d like to do a mute step sort of feature. Like skip step except don’t skip the step, mute the step or however many steps specified. I’d love to see it operate the same way as the skip step does with all the same parameters but changing skip to mute.


Thanks so much for the FLXS1 Tenkai! My biggest request is a screensaver : ) — I’ve got pretty bad burn-in on my FLXS1 display from my tendency to leave my modular running for long periods of time while working on a song.

(and relatedly, I haven’t peeked but would it be hard to replace the display? I’m pretty handy with a soldering iron if you have a part number I can order : ))


@tenkai awesome! lol. every time i sit down to do an update i get distracted and start making music instead. STUPID USEFUL NOISE MACHINE. but the step copy and octave shift are worth an update alone. doing SOON.

shifting forward and back by one step i think is best? i end up having to write down what the pattern is in Notepad and then re-entering it so the start is somewhere else. i know you have the Select Start Step feature, and that is AWESOME. but freaks me out not having the first note be the first… note in the sequence.

oop. just realized something i’ve always wanted, and that would be a third option for the Change Pattern. right now it’s just Immediate and to Reset no? it would be DELICIOUS for it to run through what ever is the last step in the pattern, then go straight to the next? like, playing the 16 steps of Pattern 01 for a chunk of time, then selecting to go to Pattern 02 while Pattern 01 is on step 1 through 15 would wait until it finished step 16, then switch to Pattern 02?

that would HELP with my Sloppy Timing Button Clicky SKEELZ.


yea, this is something I have been thinking about too. Sometimes a sequence needs to be offset…

This feature already exists, if you go to pattern change, and then change the trigger from instant to CH# Reset , it will change the pattern when that specified channel resets. Since each channel can have a different length, in FLXS1 there is no concept of pattern length in the context of all 4 sequences, so you have to choose which pattern is the ‘master pattern’ in this situation.


lol. well fuck ME that is PERFECT. my bad.


also, i’m not a huge user of swing, but i’ve been with two melodies running to two different oscs, one steady as butts, the other a touch of swing like… sloppy… butts? having them hit just a BIT off of each other is beauuuuuuuuuutifulllllllllll.

i’m so in love with this sequencer.