Feature requests for the flxs1


Here’s one,

It’d be amazing if there were a way to interpolate the value between a number of steps, say you have some arbitrary number of steps in a sequence, like 6? i have a decay envelope but i want it to get stronger over those six steps, like a value of zero to a value of 24? it could be anywhere in between, maybe 7- 32 or reverse it, 32-7, but thats beside the point. it’d be cool to have a shortcut where the flxs1 will take this value, be it amplitude or time and makes it move up in even increments between the first assigned step parameter value and the second. so i can make amplitude go up over a certain amount of steps of some modulation or the following come to mind.

-note value interpolates between given steps
-arp division, scale or type interpolates between given steps
-modulation type, speed, or amplitude interpolates between given steps

I feel this could be a really cool little mode put into multiselect mode, like press the first choice, double press the last choice, and it interpolates in between!

I feel this would be SO fun for generative stuff, like to change scale and division in a generative way in an arp and get all sorts of crazy stuff, or maybe be able to make something get more intense over given steps, i really have been thinking about this one, to make things more expressive!

last bit of feature creep that comes to mind is that it’d be super cool to have some sort of interpolation curve, like if you’re in multiselect interpolation mode and you want it to make more change later you can press and turn the encoder in this mode to change the curve from linear to exponential or logarithmic! i think this would be really fun to have as a time saver and as a writing tool! :smile:

If i were to mention as well, it’d be cool to have a sysex librarian/editor maybe written in max or something, if somebody out there understands that stuff PLEASE do it. that would make it so nice for transitioning ideas to hardware from midi in the computer or elsewhere.

also, let me know if any of this stuff already exists!

goodnight guys! <3


Could not find anything about this with search, but a small wish on my part:

When saving patterns there is no visual representation of which page you are at, like there is in the pattern load page.

This would make it a lot easier to save patterns in different slots.


You are welcome :smiley:

yes, a screensaver is a good idea. I hope that it can help some screens that are already burned in.

replacing the screen is not terribly difficult, but it is quite a precision step, since they need to be properly aligned when installed. They are installed with VHB tape (1/8" thick I believe), so you are likely to damage the display if you remove it, so make sure you have a replacement SSD1351 display when you do it! I have plenty, so if you wish to replace your screen, I could sell you a replacement OLED. I could also replace it for you, for a nominal fee.


Can you confirm we’re going to see a screen saver soon? Ever since it was brought to attention I’ve resorted to shutting down my whole system regularly to try to save the screen. I’d prefer to not have to do this so hoping a fix is coming. Thank you.


hurmmmmmmmmmmm. durp durp. misread that.

yeshhhhhh. while it’s neat to be able to choose which channel’s reset input to change from, it would be awesome to have the option to choose when one of the channel’s cycles to first step? since i never know how many steps i want a sequence, or how many beats until it should reset, i usually send a gate on Pamela’s hitting stop. so, stop Pam’s, it resets every sequencer in the rack to step 1, start Pam’s, everything starts in sync. if instead i send every /16 gate to a FLXS channel that might be perfect, but if i switch to another saved pattern that runs at half speed, now i’m resetting halfway through the full melody.

so the way you can choose CH1 RESET CH2 RESET CH 3 RESET CH 4 RESET it would be neat to have something like CH1 CYCLE CH2 CYCLE CH3 CYCLE CH4 CYCLE so if CH1 is 16 steps at CLOCK DIVISION 1/4 then after it finishes the 16 step it would jump to the next pattern, but then if that next pattern CH1 is 5 steps at a clock division of 1/2, it will wait until those 5 slower steps are completed, then switch to the next pattern?

does that make sense?

thanks Tenkai!


also, would be niffffffffty if each Channel could use a different gate input for it’s global tempo?


Automatonnetz on the FLXS1 would be great. Actually, I wonder if some of the other o_C Chord sequencers could be applied to the FLXS1. They booth have for 4 gate and cv inputs.