Firmware 20b2 - note turning on when storing pattern


Hi all,

I’m running 20b2 and I’ve noticed that there’s something weird going on. A note turned itself on somehow (willing to claim operator error on that, though I don’t know…) so I turn it off, store the pattern, and when I come back, the note is on again.

I’m gonna upgrade to 20b3, but anyone else able to replicate this? Am I doing something dumb?


Pretty sure I have the same bug. What happens it when you choose the pattern spot to save the pattern to it turns the note on for what ever button you hit to save. Try a different save a lot to confirm. It’s a big that needs to be fixed.


Yea this is a bug for sure. I thought i already killed this one twice and it keeps creepin up on me.

Workin on stuff today, let me see if i can do something about it once and for all…