Firmware 20b6 issues


Hi Tenkai,

I just updated to 20b6 (from 19 something, a few versions back) and there’s a few things:

  1. When in multiselect mode pitch info changes from note names and octaves to just numbers.
  2. When in multiselect mode gate length 0.25 is unavailable.
  3. Gate mode ‘1 hit’ should generate a short trigger if I recall correctly, but it seems to respond the same as the ‘on’ mode.
  4. What is the output voltage on 0.25 gates? When striking a LPG with it, the response sounds pretty dull. Like the vactrol doesn’t open fully. Compared to a 0.50 gate, the difference in ‘brightness’ is huge. And also compared to feeding it a trigger from the Make Noise Rene sequencer.

All in all I’m looking to get snappy triggers for my LPGs. But I can’t really get FLXS1 to work with me on this. Any pointers on how to use the gate outputs best for this purpose?

Cheers, Rob


i believe you can adjust the voltage level if you use the b output, and can even use something like a snappy envelope shape.


Good call. I hadn’t thought about that option. I just tested it and can indeed get CVb to output a good trigger for my LPGs.

Drawbacks are that it’s a bit less straightforward to program and for some reason on sequencer stop it just fully opens the gate. Whatever you’re feeding the LPG just keeps blaring. Which is kind of annoying. Plus you lose the useful other possibilities on the CVb outputs, while gate out is doing nothing.

@tenkai, it would be cool if the gate output would be able to generate the same triggers. Any change 20b7 will include this?

Cheers, Rob


Hey Rob,
I just checked on the gate outputs, and I think that you are right, the 0.25 timing gate needs to be fixed. Its just an impulse right now:

These are the 1, 0.5 and 0.25 gate signals. The output voltage is 10v for all gates. I think the problem is that its just not open long enough to charge the capacitance of your LPGs, so it just kinda rings dull.

So you found 3 bugs for me to fix:
Fix Gate Length 0.25
Multiselect Mode Note Names Incorrect
Multiselect Mode Gate Length Unavailable

Thanks, Rob. This is valuable stuff. I am trying to organize a list of stuff to fix for the next round of firmware which should be starting soon hopefully


Yes, correct.

There’s an additional question/isue though, see bullet 3 in my original post. On the gate page for each step you can select the ‘type’. Which allows for selection of ‘on’, ‘off’, ‘tie’, ‘hold’, but also ‘1 hit’. As far as I recall ‘1 hit’ should generate a trigger. But it doesn’t. It seems to repond exactly the same as the ‘on’ mode. It would be great if this would actually generate the same kind of trigger that is generated when selecting a trigger from the CVb output. Because those are really good for LPG pinging. It would be interesting to scope a trigger from the CVb ouput. To see how long it is. Trigger duration should be always the same and independent from tempo in my opnion. I think MN Rene puts out 2ms triggers in snake mode, which sounds really similiar to a FLXS1 CVb trigger. Good!

The fact that FLXS1 ouputs 10V gates/triggers is really great for LPG use. A lot of sequencers and clocks only put out 5V, which is not enough for all LPGs to open up fully as far as I can tell.

Cheers, Rob