Firmware release 20b5


Hello Everybody!

Its been a minute. The world is turned upside down in some ways, and its realizing it has been turned upside down the whole time in others. Lets turn it right side up together.

i got a file for ya!

This is not a huge release, but it fixes a bug that has been a pain to figure out.

  • note lengths now should work as expected
    • with and without arpeggiation
    • with and without arpeggio speed modulation

Please test it out, and let me know how it goes!

I appreciate everyone who still checks this forum. I thank everybody that keeps on believing that I can still make this the best sequencer out there, even if nobody can get their hands on one (yet)



I still believe! Thanks.


Great!! Thanks @ Tenkai


Awesome! Gonna install mine today. Still my favorite eurorack sequencer! Thank you!


Awesome!!! Thank you for doing this :slight_smile:
I was just doing some sequencing with the arps,
I hope this works with external clock
Using Pamela’s new workout as main clock master
I send a trigger to gt1 and a reset to gt2


I was looking for a FLXS1 for a while because it looked like everything I wanted including amazing aesthetic and functionality. I finally got one during late Spring covid-times… I’ve loved learning it and it’s so powerful and fun to use. I haven’t tried a firmware update yet, but either way the FLXS1 is becoming one of my core modules. I love it!!! Thanks Tenkai for this amazing device, and I do hope it keeps getting love and attention :slight_smile:


Thanks for the update. All of us appreciate the work.


Installed! Finally the ARP is working more like it should, so glad you did this!! up dn 1 - 2oct - maj - speed 1/1 - 16 step length sounds great
and if you use the ch1 quantizer it’s fun to change the scales
I wish the screen would slow down the screen saver it starts too quickly
I’m using external clock from PNW x8 into GT1 and a reset into GT2
So there seems to be a bug when I change the clock div: to 1/8 from 1/4
Gate1 length is 16.00 but I’m only getting first 8 steps opening the gate
is anyone else having the same bug


Ah, yep, the change I put in behaves a bit differently with external clock… Thanks for identifying this!


Yes also the screen saver is too fast. Maybe allow an option in global to change it per user


Just have to say, THANK YOU, Tenkai for staying plugged in with the best sequencer in Eurorack. SO appreciated.


Tenkai–thanks for the update! Agree that it would be good to adjust the time or turn off the screen saver–it’s distracting to have it keep popping up while I’m adjusting settings. If I had it enabled, a 5 min timer would be good.


I notice that the update altered my saved presets. Also the default scale is now custom instead of chromatic. Not sure if that was intended or not. Some of my presets that were chromatic , their scale got set to 0 instead of 12 .

Swing is sounding proper and I’m still using this sequencer daily.