FLXS randomly advancing when ext clock is stopped


Another bit of weirdness:

With Pam’s stopped, FLXS is still occasionally (~35.75s) advancing two steps on Ch 3. Ch 2’s gate is also firing like crazy in the video below, but that’s because of an arpeggio that was firing on that channel when I stopped Pam’s. If I stop the clock when Ch 2 is NOT playing an arpeggio, then Ch 2’s gate doesn’t fire like that, it stays off. Also, no other channel is advancing its pattern, just Ch 3. The only difference between Ch 3 and the rest is that its clock division is set to 1/8, not 1/4.

Also, the pattern in the video isn’t a perfect representation because it’s all the same note. However, if I change note values and let this quirk advance past them, the changed notes do sound at those changed pitches, so it’s accurately reading the current data in the sequence.