FLXS1 and Clocks


hello quick question. Will flxs1 ever be able to accept multiple clocks to control channels independently? i have just found out TipTop Z8000 will do it and am thinking to sell my flxs1. It’ll be a shame since i know there not another sequencer like it.


I can’t answer your question about the future of FLXS1, but the Z8000 is a completely different animal and neither would come close to replacing the other. At most you will have two 16 step tracks or 8 4 step tracks, and if you want pitch you will need a whole lot of quantizers. With the FLXS1 you are certainly able to have each track play individually off almost any imaginable division of the master clock. I can’t imagine why one would want different clocks per track that aren’t related by some division. It might be an interesting experiment once in a while, but not much more. I have been eyeing the Z8000 for a long time and will get it soon, but it is not something I ever thought of as being close tot he FLXS1.


Yeah you’re definitely right. I was just bugging probably cause it was like 4am for me. Essentially i love how Pamelas new workout handles timing, especially because with phase i can move things anywhere on the grid (on the n and e etc) but since it’s just a clock it gets a bit repetitive and i’m not really into the euclidian feature. If i had a sequencer that i could programme timing of kick/snare/hats/percussion via pamela independently but programme steps, patterns and ratchets via sequencer i think this would create the perfect off the grid drum pattern (broken beat). In hindsight Trigger Riot maybe could do this more than Z8000. selling flxs1 though would probably be a mistake though since it handles melodic stuff so beautifully.


While I can’t comment on the z8000, I can see great value in having individual clock sources per channel on the FLXS1. Divisions of a master clock aren’t always the desired choice.

For example, when using trigger streams rather than a steady clock division won’t work properly. Sending different triggers to each channel would be really cool.

Another fun thing would be to use the trigger output from one channel to advance another.

I think this functionality was originally promised. As well as X/Y clock inputs like the make noise Rene.


this might be close to complete. let me see if I can continue to mess around with it this weekend. no promises, but @courdek is right I did promise it at launch.