FLXS1 Firmware 19


Hello everybody! A new update is here! I would like to use this thread to discuss this firmware update. Please post all bugs that are discovered to this thread. It would be a good idea to stay updated on this thread if you would like to be an on going beta tester, to see what has been identified already.

Here are the improvements that have been made in Firmware 19a:

  1. Saved pattern count increased to 128 (8 pages of save slots are now available through pg dn and pg up buttons
  2. Added copy, paste and clear to the save page, so you can copy whole patterns directly in that page
  3. Sysex import and export work in v19a. You can now back up your FLXS1 sequences to your computer!
  4. Modulation Randomization has been added to the randomization shortcut

Other features that I am still working on for near future release:

  1. Fix first step bug
  2. per step delay setting (set by milliseconds)
  3. MIDI input for writing sequences
  4. probability setting per step

Expanding the save slots to 128 requires that you format your FLXS1 save file, so…
make sure to back up your saved sequences if you want them to carry over!

To back up your FLXS1:
(if you don’t care about your saved data, you can skip these steps)

  1. Make sure you are on some version of Firmware 18
  2. Download Sysex Librarian for OS X or MIDI-OX for Windows
  3. Connect your FLXS1 to your computer via USB
  4. Launch your MIDI library app on your computer - make sure you select FLXS1 as the active device (Firmware 18 still calls FLXS1 Teensy MIDI)
  5. Prepare your MIDI app to receive a sysex file
  6. Press Shift-Tempo, and scroll left until you get to Sysex Export
  7. Make sure Sysex Export is highlighted and then Press Shift-Pattern to begin sysex export
  8. Verify that you have a sysex file exported into your MIDI librarian app
  9. Continue to update your FLXS1 to firmware 19

To update your FLXS1:

  1. Download beta firmware 19a
  2. Follow these firmware update instructions
  3. Format your FLXS1 - reboot FLXS1 and hold play + stop + record while you turn it on. your FLXS1 will freeze for a few minutes while it erases the save file and re-initializes it. if you do not format your FLXS1 after installing firmware 19, your module will freeze when attempting to access patterns 17-128

Please keep in mind! THIS IS BETA SOFTWARE! That means it has not been fully tested . By running this beta firmware you run the risk of freezes or loss of data. Run it at your own risk! I don’t think it has any nasty bugs, but thats why I want your help to test it out to make sure it is rock solid!


Cool update, gonna play around with that modulation randomization a LOT.


Yeah nice work on the pattern copy and paste functions.

Excited for the modulation random function.

The “in the works soon” list is super juicy I’m looking forward to all of those updates


Minor issue I noticed, there’s an extra little artifact to the right of note names on the step edit screen. Kind of look like a minus sign. It only shows the first time the step edit screen is loaded. Scrolling will cause it to go away. Leaving the screen and coming back it reappears.


Ah, this is actually a UI element for the transpose shortcut. I had started to add a +/- # of steps UI element to show transposition steps on the main pitch section, but it was never finished. Thanks for pointing this out.


I noticed something a little funny about the rndm shortcut. Exiting out of rndm isn’t entirely obvious if you change your mind or want to check something before applying rndm. Pressing the channel button again will exit that shortcut, however and if you happen to hit one of the 4x4 buttons it will apply the shortcut of that button when exiting via the channel button.

Steps to reproduce:

  • channel + rndm
  • press the top left button on the 4x4 grid (mute gt)
  • press a channel button to exit the shortcut
  • the screen shows that the gate has been muted, implying that the channel+mute gt shortcut was applied


The rndm shortcut requires that channel+rndm be pressed again to apply the randomization to that track. Pressing that channel+rndm again does apply the randomization, but also seems to disable that note which I wouldn’t expect it to do.

Steps to reproduce:

  • channel+rndm
  • chanenl+rndm again
  • that button on the grid, column 1 row 3, is now extinguished but flashing. It must be re-pressed to enable that note/gate


It also looks like the cv2 speed (min/max) and cv2 offset are not being applied correctly. I’m not sure if that was an intended part of this firmware or not. I have speed min/max set to 40/96 and all random notes have values 0 or 64. Likewise, offset is at -2.66v/2.66v and all the randomized notes have an offset of 0.00.

Edit – It seems that cv2 offset not being applied only happens on channel 1. Channels 2 to 4 are working as expected. cv2 speed doesn’t work on all channels.

Edit 2 – Just to try it, I powered on then off again and am getting a different behavior. Getting a random cv2 speed on all channels, but all channels get 0.00 for random offset. I powered on and off several times actually and sometimes I got both cv2 speed and cv2 offset randomized, sometimes I got one of those randomized, and sometimes none. Behavior across channels wasn’t consistent.


This is def a bug, ill have to fix that.

Also a bug.

I have unracked my test FLXS1 to do some repairs and get a few other modules ready for some folks, so I am unable to test this at the moment. If it is doing what you say, then there is something amiss, and this might too, be a bug.

Thank you for your thorough testing!!


Updated just now. Noticed reboot time was scary long. to the point I thought it was frozen. took 35 seconds or so hanging at the boot screen before it became active again.


Yep, its about 8x longer, because FLXS1 needs to scan the save cache file, which now supports 128 patterns instead of 16. I have some ideas on how to make this shorter, but for now thats how it is. I think in the short term I might make the load screen show different things during the load up, so people dont think its frozen


yeah a count down or a series of messages would be good. its a bit scary right now


I gave it some thought, and though this is just opinion… 128 is more than enough and that load time is overly long imho. 64 patterns is plenty, does anyone disagree? What is he use case for needing to save more than that on a modular sequencer?


64 patterns and 16 songs would be sweet.


its going to be 128. Lets think about other cool new features instead of changing the ones that I just worked super hard to implement.

Check out the latest update! Its got a bunch more save sequences!


Update looks great! I’m not sure how unusual my situation is… I’m playing in a band - I need to arrange songs. Having to launch patterns takes me away from other things.


That makes sense. I definitely want to add more songs. Have you been using song mode a lot? I will try to look into how much effort it would take to add more songs this week.


Well, since there is only 1 song slot I have used it once :sweat_smile: I’ve been building up the set with a couple other sequencers… ER-101 and Nerdseq. Programming feels clunky compared to the FLXS1. I’m really hoping I can use it in my projects soon.


bugs that i dont think have been reported yet:

when you change the random application setting for cv2 SYNC off of the ‘off’ position, its impossible to go back to ‘off.’ You get stuck selecting divisions and cant get back to the ‘off’ sync state.

global setting are reset to defaults after power cycle. i think they used to be saved?


also, feature addition= it would be nice to have a LFO + envelope randomization option, so you could get lfo’s on some steps and envelopes on others!