FLXS1 Firmware 19


hey! sorry, i rarely check in here. it’s the 3rd step up top in To Update Your FLXS1:

  1. Format your FLXS1 - reboot FLXS1 and hold play + stop + record while you turn it on. your FLXS1 will freeze for a few minutes while it erases the save file and re-initializes it. if you do not format your FLXS1 after installing firmware 19, your module will freeze when attempting to access patterns 17-128

hope that helps!


So it will keep the patterns after a power cycle?


yurpah yurp. i forgot to do the second part, the Format Your FLXS1 step, and it wasn’t, but once you do that as well, it saves your patterns after power cycling.

FLXS always loads a blank pattern after reboot, but that’s by design. easy as butts to load the pattern one was working on last.