FLXS1 Firmware 20b3


Hi , the firmware isn’t available from the dropbox link , can someone please re-post it ?


Yes this is how record should be handled using either a midi keyboard or id like to be able to use the buttons on the flxs to real time record notes in.


Hi , I really love this sequencer ! It is cool that there is a clock out , but I really miss a reset out to sync with other sequencers … it would be more then awesome if there would come one . Also I did not manage to use the midi out for sync with other gear… Somehow it does not work .
For the rest I am very happy … still using firmware 19a though cause I didn’t like the screensaver … would be great if this would be optional . Thanks for creating this sweet machine :t_rex::sauropod:


Hi - the DL link doesn’t seem to be working, can you re-enable please?


You can download 20b2 from the GitHub repository (don’t see b3) — right click and “save as…”