Flxs1 in the Eurorack Market


Hi Tenkai, Flxs1 is one of the best Eurorack Sequencer I ever worked with in terms of user interface, ergonomics, live performing capabilities, flexibility and programmability. Fantastic! Hope that the finalised 19 Firmware will be available soon. Random parameters are essential for creativity. It seems that Erica Synth grabbed some ideas of Flxs1 in their new sequencer (Superbooth). Contact amazona.de, Dividkid, Sonic Lab etc. to get a full review of Flxs1, firmware 19. Moreover, as 1010 Music did it with their Blackbox sampler a separate Flxs1 MIDI Seq Module could also be a show stopper. to gain more synergies and a stronger market power, think about a collaboration. all the best, Findus


Thanks dude :smiley:
2019 still has stuff in store for FLXS1.
We are sold out right now, but a second run is in the works.
Def in talks with Divkid about a full review once I get Firmware 19 out.
Thanks for your input!


how far off would you say Firmware 19 is?


Well, I have a number of features to still work on. This week i am back from Superbooth, and i have just started to crack open the code again, so hopefully will have another version to test in a week or three :).


That’s great!!! can’t wait