Hardware repairs?


Hi all, new to the forum, had a FLXS for about 6 months, super fun machine. Thanks to all for the info here!

I got mine second hand and the encoder is going a bit wonky, jumps around and makes it really difficult to dial in settings. Sometimes just touching at a certain angle will make the cursor jump around the menu as if it has been turned.

Recently updated firmware so I do think this a hardware issue. I can’t seem to find the support page (link broken) so asking here, hope that’s cool. Let me know if there’s a way to get this fixed up.



I can replace the encoder for you. I got your email from the forum signup. Check your inbox.



I’d also be interested in this if possible. Same issue with a jumpy encoder, but love the module and the tricks it contains despite the issue


I can take a look for you. check your email!