Labeling for modulation


I would like to see what other people thought about having more user initiative labeling for the modulation? The voltage and offset make sense to me with the voltage output option but I feel like things for the adr envelopes and the lfo that they could use some better labeling.

Maybe have like two different lfo one is in hz and the other is a multiplication or division of the bpm. Idk I’d like to see some more control over the envelops like attack time, decay time etc. as well as the labeling


Yea the LFO timing labeling is the thing that needs most work. I think I need to do fine tuning of envelope timing and LFO time labeling. One problem is that both the envelope and the LFO use the same variable internally to save the data. If anybody has a great idea on how to handle this, im all ears :smiley:


I wish I could help. Hopefully someone on this forum will chime in


agreed, i’d love to see a standard time sync division/mult label for lfo speeds, and then a standard variable for freerunning speeds in hz, because envelopes could be super useful with standard time division to do things at set intervals so they meet zero at a desired time too!


Yeah i didn’t think about envelopes with time sync. So like standard AD,ADSR types of envelopes with looping and time sync options would be huge.


The same variable represents Envelope speeds, and LFO speeds, and it is a signed 8 bit integer, which means it can be -127 to 127. How, then do I convert this information, to mean something, and how do I communicate what that means with the tiny amount of UI space I have? this is the problem I was faced with, and one I could not figure out an answer to in a timely manner, so I just put a dumb number in there that goes from 0-64. For LFOs, 64 is 1 step : 1 wavelength.

I diddn’t add any ‘free running’ LFOs because I figured that giving 64/X was plenty of options for LFOs when it comes to per step.


Maybe if you have any industry friends maybe the work or math has been done already since the -127 - 127 is a common digital format someone must have done this already. I also assume doing this processing with extrernal clocking becomes tricky too.


Yes, it does, which is why all modulation is relative, and speeds up /slows down with the sequence. I figure if someone wants free modulation, they should just use a different modulation source