MIDI Sync unresponsive after a time


Good evening,

I’ve been working on a little jam in the basement and I’ve noticed that after a period of time, the FLXS 1 will become unresponsive to MIDI sync incoming on the 3.5mm jack. This happens after a seemingly random period of time - sometimes within a few minutes, sometimes in half an hour (roughly). I am currently experiencing this issue and I can still use the encoder and if I turn the Tempo Source to Internal, it will still play. It just refuses to respond to MIDI - but the rest of the devices receiving MIDI (CV.ocd, Octatrack) are playing along with the MIDI clock just fine.

This is on Firmware 20b3.


is this still a problem for ya? can’t remember if we talked about this one outside of here…


I hadn’t seen the issue recently but let me give it a shot in the next few days. Thanks. :+1: