Occult sequencing practices


4/4 linear sequences are ok but everyone loves to get funky from times to times, so :

:rainbow: What are your favorites unorthodox sequencing techniques ? :rainbow:

Here we can discuss our favorites polyrythms, stop being shy and share our most beloved odd cadences and intervals… No one will judge your generative inclinations or intricate dark modulations over any usually sacred parameter.

For example, and to start this thread somewhere : I love to use prime numbers in my time signatures and “double harmonic” intervals structures. Also using sequential switches to distribute modulation or gates over various parameters leads to many cool places…


I love layering really short sequences over really long ones, all with weird timing.


If you are really into the occult, and into really unorthodox, I would suggest looking at things through a lens of automatic writing

get out of your head, by doing a practice in being a channel. write words on to a page and just keep writing and keep writing and keep writing until you no longer are writing, the words are just coming out.

play with a patch, hit record at the beginning, but just keep patching and changing and patching and changing, and randomizing and altering, and just keep doing without really thinking about what you are doing until the patch becomes a thing that is something all unto itself that cannot be tamed.

and then press stop. and then listen to wtf happened :smiley:

that’s what i did when i made this one:


Good one !
I always felt like patching reclaims to enter some kind of trance-state very close to automatic writing. It’s like creating a physical sigil and breathing electric life into it, also very close to the mystical side of what a marionettist would do while designing a control and a puppet…
I’ll throw some examples here of those explorations when I’ll be back near my studio.


its always fun to send sequencers into other/their own cv in’s especially with things like randomization on the flxs1, like if its randomly arpeggiating and or choosing steps randomly or modulating and then sending that into the cv ins for its own parameters, or another sequencers parameters, its usually super whacky but its fun to watch it go!