Pattern load masking bug?


Hi, new FLXS-1 user here. Already in love, but have a few questions too.

The first one is regarding pattern loading.

The manual states that when loading a pattern, you can mask one or more channels to disable loading that particular channel. Great idea, but I am wondering if there’s a bug here?

When I click the channel to mask it, it jumps out of the loading page and goes to that channels transport page. I then have to go back in to the loading page and the channel is then masked.

Is this a bug or deliberate? Seems a bit counter intuitive to jump back and forth.



Never mind, I see that this has already been reported in the firmware thread. Sorry :smirk:


No worries! Yes, its a bug. There are a few UI bugs with the latest firmware. Once Superbooth is done, I will have a little more time to focus on updating FLXS1 firmware. Thanks for letting me know!