Pattern Reset issue: 20-step to 16-step


Hey @tenkai and friends,

I’ve got two pieces of weirdness in this video. One minor one is that pressing the rotary knob doesn’t seem to wake the FLXS from screen-saver.

The other is a period of silence when recalling from a 20-step pattern to a 16-step pattern. I’m running adjacet patterns: 20-step on Ch 1, 16-step on Ch 3. Then, I try to recall a 16-step pattern on Ch 1 on Ch 1’s Reset. You can see it stops playing anything for about 8 steps. There’s a slight hang when moving from 16 steps on Ch 1 back up to 20 steps, but nothing like when you go from 20 to 16.

As a side note, I managed to freeze my FLXS-1 at the end of this video. That’s never happened before, I think it was the timing of me hitting recall?