Hi, I’m new to this forum and of course happy owner of Flux us unit🤓 I really missing in this advanced module probability function for step data like step, gate length,arp on/off or speed.
What about random pattern creator function?


YES. ugh. every time people ask for awesome features ideas I am like YES I HAVE TO DO THAT.

A little status update from me:
Currently living with friends trying to find a house where I will have a workshop. This is big. I have not had a workshop since rent got tripled on me at my old spot in the dogpatch, SF.
Were dealing with realtors n stuff right now, so were busy to the max, but hopefully I will be able to open up my workshop again within a few weeks…

Also, I have an intern! He is currently working on future products.

Stay tuned, and please feel free to ask me for updates. I now have the forum pop open with every new window so I see messages and don’t forget about them :smiley:


Very excited to hear about updates! If I hear of any workshop spaces around I’ll let you know


I’m also really enjoying my recently acquired Fluxus 1! The probability functions that the OP spoke of would be a wonderful addition to it.


+1 on the probability functions! :slight_smile: