Hi, I’m new to this forum and of course happy owner of Flux us unit🤓 I really missing in this advanced module probability function for step data like step, gate length,arp on/off or speed.
What about random pattern creator function?


YES. ugh. every time people ask for awesome features ideas I am like YES I HAVE TO DO THAT.

A little status update from me:
Currently living with friends trying to find a house where I will have a workshop. This is big. I have not had a workshop since rent got tripled on me at my old spot in the dogpatch, SF.
Were dealing with realtors n stuff right now, so were busy to the max, but hopefully I will be able to open up my workshop again within a few weeks…

Also, I have an intern! He is currently working on future products.

Stay tuned, and please feel free to ask me for updates. I now have the forum pop open with every new window so I see messages and don’t forget about them :smiley:


Very excited to hear about updates! If I hear of any workshop spaces around I’ll let you know


I’m also really enjoying my recently acquired Fluxus 1! The probability functions that the OP spoke of would be a wonderful addition to it.


+1 on the probability functions! :slight_smile:


Yes! Probability would take this great tool to the next level!

And, if/when you get around to it, please please please include the option for a step to trigger every nth time like on Elektron machines. Not just % probability.

I use this all the time on my Rytm, and it let’s me do very complex 1 bar beats (In reality not 1 bare of course, but practically makes it so nice to handle).


This is something I would love to be able to do.

The current limitation is the amount of memory on the microcontroller. When playing sequences, the device needs to load up all the data for all the sequences into RAM so that it can access the data quickly. Adding 8 bytes to each step is 8464 = 2048Kb of ram.

FLXS1 already is hitting its upper limit with memory usage, and since some of the memory allocation is dynamic, it is difficult to understand exactly how much memory is being used. This limitation is what prevented me from being able to add the CV input tuner. I just couldn’t load the audio library with everything else that was going on.

I am doing some refactoring of the code now. I’ve learned alot since I did this work, so maybe there is somewhere I can free up some memory.


AGH, duuhhhh ok. So I did make a patch to enable this. I just plum forgot.

On a step, under the gate type - select rand33% rand50% or rand66%.

This will turn your gate on based on those percentages.

It could def be improved. It is only for gate trigger.

For the folks who aren’t aware, there are probability functions for pitch based on gate input in the channel menu.

I might be able to add an nth time trigger to this as well… not sure, have to see.

Can y’all try this out and let me know what you think?


Totally forgot about the already implemented rand trigger!

If nth is possible too, I’d be over the moon, but understand that there are limits.