Repairs for the FLXS1


Hello Tenkai,

Thanks for making a fun and appealing product. The FLXS1 has been the heart of my system for a while now. All has been going great so far, but recently my unit stopped working. Do you offer repairs for the FLXS1? It won’t boot on power anymore. Any help would be appreciated. Wishing you all the best.


Hey Benj,

Would love to help you get your FLXS1 working again. I can repair it for you.

Is your experience just that it doesn’t respond at all? Are there any lights on?

Have you tried to flash the firmware again? That might get it back up and running.

If you are able, trying a different power supply, or isolating the FLXS1 on your power supply could rule out power issues.

If none of these things help, send me an email - tenkai at zetaohm dot com, or just reply here and I’ll set you up.



Thank you for the suggestions!
I will flash the firmware and check back in.
Best regards.