Replace screen on FLXS-1?


Hi, my screen has severe burn-in by now, has anyone had any experience with replacing it?

Or, maybe @tenkai can give some info on this?



Hey Momec,

Replacing the screen is not too bad. It is an SSD1351. I have extras and can send you a replacement screen if you wish to do the replacement yourself.

It is attached with a 3m VHB adhesive tape, which is quite strong, so removing it takes a few minutes of constant gentle pressure. Aligning it once it has been replaced is also necessary.

send me an email tenkai @ zetaohm dot com with your address, I don’t know if i have any VHB in stock, but I can send you the part number.


Cool, thanks! Part number is fine, I’ll just find one locally :slightly_smiling_face::+1:


I got the displays from FEMA corp in California:

This seems to be the same one, but its sold out:

I have a bunch of overstock of these. I can send them to you at cost plus shipping. I think they were $12 each.

The tape is 3m 80 mil grey 3/4" VHB tape. - I actually found some so I could send you a piece of this as well.

Let me know if you can source these locally, if not please let me know and I will get some out to you at cost + shipping