Skipping with Synthbox (and FLXS1)


I’ve only had the FLXS1 for 2-3 weeks now, but feel that I’m getting comfortable with a single, multi-channel pattern. I’m really liking the setting pitch randomization to 10% on one channel, which keeps the same approximate pattern but introduces just small variations, some of which are quite musically nice.

People always ding modules that have menu diving, but honestly there are enough shortcuts that I’ve gotten used to quickly jumping to get to what I want, such that manipulating things live is actually not too bad. That said…

Small feature request: Change the channel direction via external CV or gate.

In this clip, I’m using 1010music’s Synthbox as the voice, which is a perfect companion to the FLXS1 since it has 4 voice channels that can all be controlled independently. There’s 2 channels of 1v/oct coming out of FLXS1, one for a very subtle and simple bass, and the other for the main little riff. Pam’s is controlling the clock on the FLXS1 and driving the trigger on the bass drum too.

Next up I need to practice more with live pattern switching.


Nice work on the flxs. Yes being able to change play direction of the channels would be nice to cv control


this sounds great!

Duly noted!