Song/pattern sysex format?



Does the sysex that the flxs1 outputs for patterns and songs have any rhyme or reason to it when it comes to using it on a computer? Any reading i can do on it to make importing standard midi stuff from ableton etc into it? I feel it would be super cool to be able to jump back and forth like that!

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They are json output as hex, so you should be able to read the json by saving it as a .txt file. I read them with sysex librarian just to verify what was being saved, and have not tried to modify them on the computer separately from the FLXS1 interface. I agree that could be pretty cool. I have been dreaming about a computer interface, like maybe an ableton max 4 live object that could allow you to edit FLXS1 sequences in ableton… would be a ton of work, but it could give you a totally different interface to work with…