Soooo is the flxs1 development dead?


Havent heard anything in a while…


Feels like it. This is some serious radio silence. But at least the website is up. :slight_smile:


Somehow that doesn’t feel like the longest silence since the beginning of this project, last time I saw something by tenkai it was about preparing the production of a second batch, and maybe he had some life situation going on… anyway I too would love to hear from him and at least know if he’s alright.

Edit : nothing is dead, be patient :wink:


Thanks for the good news @Tha_Drones!
If you have his ear ask him how we can help out.


I think he’ll read here by himself sooner or later, you have the same access to the man’s ear than I have.


There’s so many features listed on the front panel that say “coming soon”. Crazy, man. Are we S.O.L. on all that?


I fear that we are S.O.L


I think the answer to “how can we help” is to spread awareness of how powerful a sequencer it is?


Hey guys, I have an update here for ya:

Also, if any programmers are actually down to help I would love some more hands and eyes