Syncing with Pams or Euclidean Circles


Hi, all. I have spent a lot of time reading forums and watching videos trying to sync FLXS1 with Pams and Euclidean Circles. I know FLXS1 shoots 4PPQ, and I’ve set Pams to that. I’ve tried making both Pams and FLXS1 the master clock. I’ve tried various combos of sending resets from one to the other. Multing the clock to eachother…going direct instead of mults…I don’t care who is the master clock, really…just want it to work.
It’s breaking my heart. And my spirit. LOL.
Anyone using this combo with any success?
Thank you so much.


Might be helpful to tell what is happening, is the clock drifting after a while or it’s not syncing at all etc?

Have you tried changing to a really short Pulse Width on Pam to send as clock?


I use Pam’s New Workout into FLXS (gate 1) every time, no issue. Is there anything more you can tell us about how it’s not working? Just, like, straight up not playing…? Drifting…?


I’m driving both the FLXS1 and a GateStorm from a Pam’s. I’m using Pams as a master clock. I send 24PPQ signal to the Gatestorm which works perfectly (since the firmware update that supports that).
With FLXS1 it only takes 4PPQ, so I send that to it in the clock in. I also send a reset from the Pams on start to one of the Gate Ins for the FLXS1 to reset.
But I hear I may be dependent on a bug in the first Pams for this to work right. The first Pams workout sends gates in order, across the outs, so if you output a gate on 4 and 5, 4 will be a tiny nano-second first…
Thus if the Reset Gate is N and the clock is N+1, the reset always gets there first and the clocks are in sync.
IF I have the reset gate as N+1 and the clock as N, every thing is one step out of sync, always…

I do not have a Pams New Workout so I can’t verify this is true, but I hear that they fixed the bug which would be great in general, but a bummer for this use case (I believe I read it on Muffwigglers).

I would love to see FLXS1 take 24PPQ Clocks in with the same behavior as the Gate Storm (no need for reset, clock starts, is always beat 1, if the clock stops, it resets).