Upgrade FW and are there any Manuals/docs?


Ho- Just ordered a used FLXS1.

How do you upgrade FW and are there any Manuals/docs?



On the website it has a copy of the manual, and how to update firmware.


Got it. Thanks… It was giving me trouble before.


Hi there :smiley:

just wanted to check in and make sure you have everything you need?


Hey Tenaki Thanks! Yes, However, Trying to update to 20b5, the Teensy says"File too large" for the Hex file.,
Im on MAC OS X. Thanks!


Can you try re-downloading the teensy loader, and also try using a different USB cable? I don’t know why these work, but frequently fixes this problem.


Try loading the file in teensy before connecting the flxs with usb. Can’t remember but I heard this trick somewhere. Or if this is what you do now and it doesn’t work do the opposite connect it before loading.