Using Flxs1 with Rytm


just wondering if anyone else is using a combination of these two… I am not a power user of my Rytm mk2 (I really just use it for some sound design for now) but I am trying to midi sync with FLXS1 as master…
anyone else doing this and having luck using DIN midi? I assume its user error lol.


I use FLXS1 with my Rytm all the time. I use Rytm as the master.


but have you tried the other way round?


May I ask how you are syncing them? :grinning:


Hi Momec, Welcome to Planet Zetaohm :smiley:

I sync my Rytm with FLXS1 using the included 3.5mm to MIDI adapter, connecting MIDI input on FLXS1 to the MIDI output of Rytm, and setting FLXS1 to 3.5 MIDI as the clock input, and likewise configuring Rytm to send MIDI clock output.


Sync seems to work fine with rytm as master but I wanted to work with the flxs 1 as master for what I was doing.


Thank you, glad to be here :grinning:

Thank you for the info. One of the reasons I am seriously considering FLXS-1 is the midi implementation, would be nice to be able to save a few HP for a midi clock module in my cramped live case.
Only thing I am a little bit worried about is using these flimsy MIDI DIN to 3.5 jack converters, but am thinking about making a solid little box of my own. Would be catastrophic if it broke before a gig.

I am using an adapter with the Beatstep pro right now though, so probably just overthinking it :sweat_smile: