Where to find firmware?


Hello, I recently purchased a used Fluxus 1 and was thinking of updating the firmware, but the download link in the manual doesn’t work.

Are new versions of the firmware available somewhere?



Seems like 20b6 is the newest. I updated to it a couple weeks ago and seems OK, though seems like some people on here may have a favorite older version. I found it on github, nt sure if it’s anywhere else.


Thanks so much! I appreciate the help.


Yep, 20b6 is the newest so far. thanks, @wojasvision


Thanks Tenkai! Got it and it seems good. I’m loving the Fluxus, so easy to use and powerful, thanks for creating it!


Any notes on this version?

I’ll put on tomorrow and give it a test!


I’ve been running 20b6 for a few days now and it seems all good. TBH I haven’t spent that much time with it, but I could try to answer questions…